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Connect with our experts to track your child's holistic development, to seek guidance on developmental delays/disorders, behavioral challenges, learning difficulties, addressing challenges in social and academic participation etc through customized mode of service delivery.


Engage with panel of certified professionals who work closely to provide effective and evidence based treatments through collaborative goal setting to ensure 

holistic development of your child


Celebrate your child's step-by-step progress that is monitored closely on periodic basis by our ORCHID (Our Child's Holistic Development) panel

 throughout your child's journey at Threysol.

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Hosur Centre (Main Branch)

At Main branch, Hosur we provide ORCHID (Our Child's Holistic Development) Services - A holistic approach designed to cater services according to the child's needs who need multi modal Intervention to address their developmental gaps.

We provide,

  • Psychological Consultations - (a) Comprehensive Clinical / Diagnostic Assessments for Developmental delays/disorders, IQ Assessments ( 3 years and above), Scholastic Assessments, Psycho-educational Assessments, Behavioral Assessments. (b) Cognitive Skills Development training, Play Therapy, Psychoeducational Therapy, Behavior modification Therapy, Remedial training for Learning Disabilities & Counselling. 
  • Speech and Language Therapy - (a) Comprehensive assessments to identify Communication Delays & Disorders (b) Combination of Traditional Speech and Language Therapy, Oral placement Therapy, Prompt Therapy, Feeding Therapy, Auditory Verbal Therapy, Verbal Behavior Therapy, Fluency Therapy, Voice Therapy, Articulation Therapy..
  • Pediatric Physiotherapy - Assessment and Treatment of Developmental delays, Neuromotor or Neuromuscular conditions; Gait training, Strength training, Functional Balance training, Co-ordination exercises, Posture Management.
  • Occupational Therapy - Assessment and Treatment of Pediatric Developmental Disorders 

Tirupati Centre 

At our second branch, Tirupati we provide Physiotherapy, Ayres Sensory Integration Therapy, Special education and Remedial Therapy through In-Person services. 

Threysol is currently working to get ORCHID services accessible to people of Tirupati.

Tele - Consultations

For parents who are unable to access developmental services in their locality, Threysol aims to enable access through Tele - Consultations thus paving the way for Early identification and Intervention. Services include but not limited to Developmental Pediatrics, Pediatric Neurology, Psychiatry, Psychological assessments, Behavior Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Special education, Nutrition and dietetic Consultations are provided  by industry experts through Tele - Practice (Online)

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 Child Development Solutions

What can parents expect from Threya Child development?

 Threya Child Development Solutions is a one-stop platform that enables parents to avail developmental check-ups, developmental therapies and monitor child's holistic progress on a regular basis through customized mode of service delivery.

What developmental check ups are provided?

Developmental check ups include Developmental Pediatrics, Psychology, Psychiatry, Pediatric neurology, Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy, Physiotherapy, Special education, nutrition and other necessary services. Depending on the child's needs we will be conducting assessments and provide consolidated developmental profile for the child which will also be saved in our record management directory .

What record management does Threya solutions provide?

Beginning from the initial consultations child's consolidated baseline developmental profile, Intervention plans, data collection forms, progress reports will be made available to the parents and also saved in cloud for future reference

What developmental Therapies are provided?

Developmental Therapies ranging from Occupational therapy , Speech and Language       Therapy, Oral Placement Therapy, Feeding Therapy, Play Therapy, Behavioral            Therapy, Physiotherapy, Special education services will be provided at present.

Working Hours

Weekdays : 10 am to 6 pm

Where are we?
​28/86, H.I.G, A.S.T.C Hudco, Hosur- 635109

Phone: +91 810-512-7886