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Ask Your Expert -  Nutrition in Children

06.02.21 06:04 PM By SAI HARIKA BOPPANA

Ask your expert - Nutritionist/Dietician
Ambika Niranjan, NutritionwithAmbika - Nutritionist

Ambika's words: "You are what you eat", this phrase made sense when I started seeing most of the people around unhealthy, suffering lifestyle disorders caused by wrong dietary habits. The desire to make people be healthy, to understand the body and to help them achieve their health and fitness goals drove me into studying nutrition and walk onto the path of health and wellness.  

Lets get started with the questions on diet for children

Diet such a sensitive subject and every parent needs guidance on the right diet for their kids.

Balanced diet for kids...

Hope you were able to gain some new tips and insights from the videos. 

Looking forward for your thoughts and comments on the details provided.