Ask Your Expert: Who is the first professional parent need to visit for child's development queries

05.01.21 10:14 PM By SAI HARIKA BOPPANA

Ask your expert - Developmental Pediatrician 
Dr. S.Subramanian, Nishta Integrated neurodevelopment Centre, Chennai

Parents have more information and hence more confusion on whom they should contact incase of any child developmental query. Lets hear from our expert on his take on this question. While there is no one right answer to this question, Dr.S.Subramanian completely gave us a different perspective on how the professional is accountable to guide the parent. Pretty interesting discussion, please continue to listen in.

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The response was very practical in any case, but in any given situation, lets take the step to reach out to the pediatrician (in-person or tele service) and make sure the parents are being provided guidance and the child is being supported at the earliest. 

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