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Ask Your Expert - Developmental Pediatrics - Introduction

04.01.21 09:44 AM By SAI HARIKA BOPPANA

Ask your expert - Developmental Pediatrician 
Dr. S.Subramanian, Nishta Integrated neurodevelopment Centre, Chennai

As parents, we take utmost care of everything that is related to our child. We cherish the moments when our children achieve milestones like crawling or saying their first word and at the same time we may feel worried if they are not developing skills at par with their peers. Here is some information that might help you.

The conversation started as a casual conversation took a shape of different experience. we believe each of us would benefit through the discussion. We wanted to setup a blog series which would help us. 

Questions addressed in series

1. Focus areas for General Pediatrician and Developmental Pediatrician.

Click to read 'Focus Areas of Developmental Pediatrician'

2. Who is the first professional the parent should reachout to incase of any queries on their child's development?

Click to read 'First Project the parent should reach out to'

3. What is the frequency of developmental checkup for kids?

Click to read 'How frequently should we monitor the child development'

4. Role played by Tele Practice in Developmental Assessments.

Click to read ' Tele Practice in Developmental Pediatrics'

5. With increase in Tele Practice, there is an increase in screen time for kids. How does it affect kids?

Click to read 'Would increase in screen time impact kids?'

6. How has the pandemic impacted development in kids?

Click to read 'Impact of Pandemic on child development'

6. How has the pandemic impacted development in kids?

Stay tuned for the discussion on the above topics.

Please share your questions on developmental pediatrics and we can have them addressed by our expert.


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